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Artist & Illustrator 
Here you'll find various Commercial Illustration Jobs ranging from Local to National. Clients include AOK records, DEF JUX, Chocolate Industries records, COOL EH Magazine, MillHouse Brewing, Collective Arts Brewing and many more.. Feel free to contact me about Illustrations for your book or project.

"Iron Age" 
 Ink on paper

AOK Records 

(Jay Electronica vs Nujabes)
Ink on paper for AOK records 

jay vs nu.jpg

Prints available 
12 inch x 12 inch = $40.00
Send me an email to purchase


"Wonders Of A COLE World" 
( 9th Wonder vs J.Cole ) 
Ink on paper for AOK Records 
12 x 12 inch prints available = $40.00 


"Butchering Donuts" 
( Benny The Butcher vs JDILLA )
Ink on paper for AOK Records 
12 x 12 inch print available = $40.00  

MFDOOM , MF DOOM, DOOM, Artwork, illustration, portrait,
MFDOOM, DOOM, Print, Giclee print, Artist Print, John Breiner
MFDOOM, Wetlands Club, 1999, Hiphop,

"We Are All DOOMED" 
Acrylic ink and mixed print technique on paper 

Created for a DOOM themed art show in Wash D.C. back in 2015. Later on appropriated for the Flower Villain mashup project 2018 ish. 

Prints available in my shop

An 18 year old me, watching DOOM..
I  believe this  was at the Wetlands in Manhattan.
El-P & Cage in the cut..

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