"The Grey Touch "

Acrylic ink and paint on a wooden panel. 

16 inches wide x 12 inches high x 1.5 inches wide

$500.00 usd. 


This one of a kind painting was originally created to accompany a poem of the same name.  The price includes free shipping in the USA, ( I'll split the cost of shipping with Overseas orders ) It's made of acrylic paint and is original. 


The work also includes a certificate of Authenticity and some other goodies i'll throw in. Please contact me if you have anymore questions or if you would like to view the piece at my Studio. 

"The Grey Touch"

  • There are no returns for undamaged art. I do take all precautions to wrap the the work safely.    Any framed pieces that are mailed feature UV restiant plexi instead of breakable glass. If your piece does arrive damaged please email me. Thank you 

  • For Original pieces of Art, due to the instability of postal service, I do not ship original works outside of the continental US.

    Prints and apparel are available to ship overseas..